Everyone loves seeing a bright, white smile. If you are not satisfied with the appearance or color of your teeth, Dr. Karimi and the Paradise Dental Group Staff will perform a careful and thorough examination of your teeth.

Dr. Karimi will personally sit with you and discuss the options appropriate to your situation. These simple, painless procedures are no longer reserved just for movie stars. Today more and more people are enjoying a greater sense of self-esteem as well as better health due to the benefits of cosmetic dentistry combined with high quality general dental care.

We can help you, whether you need your teeth cleaned with our hygienist or a full cosmetic dental makeover.

For a complimentary cosmetic dental consultation, just call our office at 508.696.0222, or use our online appointment request form (insert link to form).

At-Home Whitening

If your smile is not as you’d like it because of stained or yellowed teeth, you might consider an at-home whitening program. Several studies have shown both in-office and at-home bleaching to be safe and effective. The at-home method is more economical choice. The at-home tooth whitening system used at Paradise Dental Group is fully approved by the American Dental Association, and combines a custom-molded tooth tray with a professional formulated gel to achieve brighter, whiter teeth in about two to three weeks. The success rate depends upon the type of stain involved and your compliance, but typically there is a two-shade improvement. Bleaching does not lighten artificial materials such as resins, silicants, or porcelains.

In-Office Whitening

If you’re in a hurry for whiter teeth, you may decide to have your teeth lightened immediately. Dr. Karimi uses a system approved by the American Dental Association for in-office teeth whitening, and takes only about an hour to complete. A protective material is placed over your gums to protect them and then a specially formulated lightening agent is coated over the teeth in three quick sessions (giving the patient a break every twenty minutes). Some patients may experience slight gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, which resolves when the treatment ends. Teens should wait for whitening procedures until at least the age of 14, when the tooth’s pulp is fully formed, meaning the teen will experience less sensitivity. Lightness should last from one to five years, depending on your personal habits such as smoking and drinking coffee and tea.

Tooth Colored (White) Fillings

In the past, the aesthetic appearance of a filling was not considered to be as important as its function. Fortunately, today fillings can also be used for significant cosmetic improvement. No more metal showing in your teeth! And tooth colored fillings, also known as composite or white fillings, are as strong as metal fillings. Unlike metal fillings, you cannot tell that a tooth colored filling is not part of the natural tooth, because the shade can be matched almost exactly.


Porcelain overlays can be used to strengthen weak teeth or replace old crowns with a completely natural look… and best of all, no metal band at the gum line!


A crown is a restoration that covers a tooth in order to strengthen it as well as restore it to its normal shape and size. A crown may be placed to support a large filling when there is little remaining tooth structure; attach a bridge; protect weak teeth from fracturing; or restore fractured teeth. A tooth that has been treated with root canal therapy will require a crown following treatment to provide strength and support the tooth. We only use materials for crowns that will provide the longest lasting benefits to our patients, and our patients are thrilled that there are no more ugly metal bands at the gum line.


When a tooth is missing, the adjoining teeth tend to shift into the empty space. Opposing teeth may also begin to grow up or down into that space as well. These movements cause not only an unflattering appearance, but it can cause significant bite problems. A bridge made of today’s advanced materials can prevent this occurrence, replacing the missing tooth or teeth and helping you keep a beautiful smile for your lifetime.

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